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Rotary Screening Machine


A rotary screening machine is a mechanical device used for separating solid particles of different sizes in various industries. It consists of a cylindrical drum or screen that rotates, allowing material to pass through while retaining larger particles. This efficient screening process aids in quality control and material handling.

Working Principle of Rotary Screening Machine

The working principle of a rotary screening machine involves the rotation of a cylindrical drum or screen. As the material enters the machine, it is fed onto the inclined screen. The drum’s rotation causes the material to move along the length of the screen.

During this process, smaller particles pass through the screen openings, while larger particles are retained on the screen surface. The angle of the screen and the drum’s rotational speed determine the material’s residence time and the size of particles that can pass through.

The separated material exits the machine through the discharge end, while the oversized particles are collected and removed manually or through an automated system. The rotary screening machine efficiently classifies and separates materials based on size, allowing for effective quality control and screening in various industries.

Structure of Rotary Screening Machine

  1. Frame: Provides structural support and stability.
  2. Cylindrical Drum or Screen: Main component where screening occurs.
  3. Inlet: Opening for material entry.
  4. Outlet: Opening for screened material discharge.
  5. Motor and Drive System: Provides rotational power to the drum.
  6. Support Structure: Additional supports for stability.
  7. Cleaning Mechanism (Optional): Helps prevent screen clogging.
  8. Control Panel: Allows operators to control and monitor the process.

Features of Rotary Screening Machine

  1. Robust construction for durability.
  2. Cylindrical drum or screen for effective screening.
  3. Variable speed control for adjustable screening efficiency.
  4. Easy material loading through an inlet or feed hopper.
  5. Versatile screen openings for different particle sizes.
  6. Efficient screening mechanism for effective separation.
  7. Discharge chute for smooth material flow.
  8. Minimal maintenance requirements for ease of operation.
  9. Customization options available to meet specific needs.

Rotary Screening Machine Parameters

ModelPower(kw)Moving Speed(m/min)Displacement Speed(m/min)Turning Height(m)


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