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Pan Granulator


A pan granulator is a type of fertilizer granulator that is used to produce granules from powdered materials. It works by mixing a liquid binder with the powder material inside a rotating pan. As the pan rotates, the material is agitated and forms into small round granules. The granules are then dried and screened to achieve the desired size and shape. Pan granulators are commonly used in the production of fertilizers, as well as other industries that require granulation such as pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Types of Pan Granulator

Disc granulators can be divided into different categories based on various criteria, including size, structure, and application. Here are some common categories of disc granulators

How to choose pan granulator machine?

  • Small disc granulator: Small disc granulators are commonly used for small-scale fertilizer production or for laboratory research. They are compact and easy to operate, making them suitable for use in small spaces or by inexperienced operators.
  • Medium disk granulator: A medium disk granulator is a type of equipment used for producing fertilizer pellets. It is similar to a small disk granulator, but with a larger size and higher production capacity. Medium disk granulators are commonly used in medium-sized fertilizer production plants.
  • Large pan granulator:
  • A large disc granulator is a type of equipment used for producing fertilizer pellets on an industrial scale. It is similar to a medium or small disc granulator, but with a much larger size and higher production capacity. Large disc granulators are commonly used in large-scale fertilizer production plants.
  • New Organic Fertilizer Pan Granulator: A new organic fertilizer disc granulator is a type of equipment used for producing organic fertilizer pellets. It is an updated version of the traditional disc granulator and is designed specifically for producing organic fertilizer pellets.

Advantage of Pan Granulator

  1. Uniform granulation: The pan granulator ensures consistent and even granule formation.

  2. Versatility: It can handle various materials for granulation.

  3. Controlled granule size: Adjustable scrapers or blades help maintain the desired granule size.

  4. Efficient binder usage: The pan granulator optimizes binder application, reducing wastage.

  5. High throughput: It allows for continuous operation and high productivity.

  6. Durability and easy maintenance: Constructed with durable materials and easy to clean and maintain.

Pan Granulator Working Principle


  1. The pan granulator is a machine that makes granules using a rotating disc. The disc is made of strong materials and is slightly tilted. It spins because of a motor.
  2. The process starts by adding raw materials to the spinning disc. These materials can be fertilizers, minerals, or other things that need to be turned into granules. The materials are pushed to the edge of the disc by the spinning motion.
  3. At the same time, a liquid binder like water is sprayed onto the materials. The binder helps the particles stick together and form granules.
  4. As the wet powder moves to the outer edge of the disc, it tumbles because of the spinning. This, along with the sticky binder, makes the particles stick together and form granules.
  5. To make sure the granulation process works well, the pan granulator has scrapers or blades that lift and move the material as it spins. These scrapers prevent the granules from sticking to the disc and make sure they are the right size.

Application of Disc Granulator Machine


The disc granulator machine, also called disc pelletizer, is used in various industries for making granules from different materials. Its applications include:

  1. Fertilizer Production: It granulates different types of fertilizers, making them easier to handle and improving nutrient release for better crop yield.

  2. Mining and Metallurgy: It agglomerates mineral concentrates, ores, and tailings, making them easier to transport and process.

  3. Chemical Industry: It granulates chemical powders like catalysts and additives, improving their flowability and handling characteristics.

  4. Pharmaceutical and Food Industries: It granulates pharmaceutical powders and food additives, ensuring controlled release and precise dosing.

  5. Waste Recycling: It turns various types of waste materials, such as plastic scraps and biomass, into granules for easier handling and utilization.

  6. Chemical Engineering and Research: It helps scientists and engineers study and optimize the granulation process for different materials in laboratories.

Pan Granulator Parameter

ModelDiameter of Disc(mm)

Edge Height


Rotary Speed


Motor Power




Model of Reducer(kw)Dimensions(mm)

Fertilizer Granulator Machine Working Video

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