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Solid Liquid Separator


A Solid-Liquid Separator is an innovative device used to separate solid and liquid components from various materials, such as wastewater, manure, and industrial sludge. This efficient equipment aids in waste management, reduces volume, and enables the extraction of valuable resources for sustainable practices.

Working Principle of Solid Liquid Separator

The working principle of a Solid-Liquid Separator involves the separation of solid and liquid components through a mechanical or physical process. The material to be separated is fed into the separator, where it undergoes mechanical or gravitational forces, such as centrifugation, filtration, or sedimentation. These forces cause the solids to separate from the liquid, forming distinct fractions. The separated solids can be collected and further processed, while the liquid can be discharged or reused, depending on its composition and intended application.

Application of Solid Liquid Separator

  1. Wastewater treatment
  2. Food and beverage industry
  3. Municipal solid waste management
  4. Agriculture and livestock farming
  5. Industrial processes
  6. Biogas production
  7. Environmental remediation
  8. Oil and gas industry


  1. Efficient separation of solid and liquid components
  2. Versatility in handling various materials
  3. High separation efficiency
  4. Adjustable parameters for process optimization
  5. Easy maintenance and cleaning


Model Main Motor Auxiliary Motor Physical Dimension Workload (h/m³)
180 seamless steel pipe 5.5KW 4KW 1900*600*1450MM About 2 squares
200 seamless steel pipe 5.5KW 4KW 1900*600*1450MM About 3 squares
300 seamless steel pipe 7.5KW 4KW 2100*600*1450MM Around 6 squares


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