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Biogas Slurry Liquid Fertilizer Equipment

Biogas Slurry Liquid Fertilizer Equipment Production Process

The nutrients in the biogas slurry are comprehensive and contain complex biologically active substances. Biogas slurry has dual functions of biofertilizer and biopesticide, does not cause resistance problems and environmental pollution, and has the effect of reducing the accumulation of nitrate in crops. Tongda company provides processes and equipment that can use biogas slurry to produce liquids of various specifications For water-soluble fertilizer products, the specific standards are as follows:

  • Marsh fertilizer standard number: NY2596-2014
  • Water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid standard number: NY1106-2012
  • Water-Soluble Fertilizer Containing Amino Acids Standard Number: NY1429-2012
  • Trace element water-soluble fertilizer standard number: NY1428-2010
    It can also produce low-cost nutrient solution” or enterprise standards.

The abundant mineral elements in the biogas slurry are necessary for the growth of crops. Therefore, in terms of comprehensive treatment and resource utilization of biogas slurry, it is an ideal choice to use biogas slurry to make a variety of liquid fertilizers or nutrient solutions.

Among them, the use of biogas slurry to produce “Shuiluo fertilizer containing humic acid” is our company’s strong product. This process has 2 patents, which can greatly improve the stability of the finished product:

  1. Inhibit the “oxidation-reduction reaction” of the finished product, and reduce the phenomenon of “bottle swelling” and “bag swelling”.
  2. Through the breeding process, it has a good effect in removing the odor of the finished product.


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