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Bacteria Liquid Fertilizer Fermentation Equipment

Bacteria Liquid Fertilizer Fermentation Production Process

Germ machine is our company’s patented product, through biological method, the use of microorganisms to decompose biogas slurry has Ji ingredients, successfully solved the problem of biogas slurry making liquid fertilizer in the fermentation process deodorization.

  1. This incubator has the following characteristics
  2. Advanced PLC control, to achieve unattended automatic fermentation
  3. Use the program to automatically control the “aerobic”, “anaerobic” and “anaerobic” environment required in the fermentation process, rapidly develop the advantage group, decompose harmful substances, and provide qualified raw materials for subsequent production.
  4. can be applied to a variety of liquid raw materials fermentation or follow-up treatment, such as: aquaculture wastewater, food processing wastewater, agricultural production wastewater, etc.
  5. cycle accurate control, 48-72 hours to achieve different types of biogas fermentation treatment.
  6. Designed with ladder, operating platform and safety guardrail, designed with slag cleaning port and feed port. Convenient feeding and discharging operation.


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