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Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer Equipment

Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer Production Process

Standard number: NY1429-2012

Medium element type

  • Free amino acid content ≥ 100g/L
  • Medium element content ≥ 30g/L
  • Water insoluble ≤50g/L
  • PH3.0-9.0

Trace element type

Free amino acid content ≥ 100g/L
Trace element content ≥ 20g/L
Water insoluble ≤50g/L

Biogas slurry + amino acid can be used to produce high-quality water-soluble fertilizer products. This product makes full use of the original beneficial components in the biogas slurry, and the stability of the biogas slurry is increased through the cultivation of bacteria in the production process. Taking advantage of the water-soluble properties of amino acids, the amino acids can be fully mixed with biogas slurry, and then added with medium or trace elements to meet national standards.

This process can also be realized by using water + amino acid. By filtering tap water or groundwater, impurities and harmful substances (such as chlorine) are removed, and then amino acids (solid or liquid) and trace elements are added to make amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers. This process can also add functional strains.


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