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Cow Manure Fertilizer Production Line


A cow manure fertilizer production line is a system designed to process cow manure into organic fertilizer. It involves collecting and storing cow manure, composting it to facilitate decomposition, drying the composted material, crushing it into smaller particles, and finally, granulating and packaging the resulting fertilizer. This production line helps convert cow manure into a valuable resource that improves soil fertility, promotes plant growth, and supports sustainable agricultural practices. It is an efficient and eco-friendly way to manage cow manure and produce nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.

Advantage of Cow Manure Fertilizer Production Line

  1. High-quality fertilizer production.
  2. Customizable production capacity.
  3. Efficient and automated operation.
  4. Advanced and reliable equipment.
  5. Odor control measures.

Cow Manure Fertilizer Production Line Machine

  • Solid-Liquid Separator: Separates solid and liquid components of cow manure.
  • Composting Turner: Turns and mixes composting materials for proper decomposition.
  • Crushing Machine: Crushes composted cow manure into smaller particles.
  • Mixing Machine: Thoroughly mixes crushed cow manure with other organic materials or additives.
  • Granulating Machine: Forms mixed material into granules for easier handling and application.
  • Drying Machine: Removes excess moisture from granulated fertilizer.
  • Cooling Machine: Cools dried granules to improve their quality and shelf life.
  • Screening Machine: Screens granules to remove oversized or undersized particles.
  • Packaging Machine: Packages screened and qualified granules for storage and transportation.

Cow Manure Fertilizer Production Line Cost

  • Equipment and Machinery: The cost of individual machines and equipment in the production line can vary based on their size, capacity, and quality. It’s advisable to research and compare prices from different suppliers to get an estimate of the equipment cost.

  • Installation and Setup: The cost of installation and setup includes expenses related to site preparation, machinery installation, and electrical and plumbing work. These costs can vary based on the complexity of the production line and the specific requirements of the site.

  • Labor: Labor costs can include wages for operating and maintaining the production line. The level of automation in the production line can influence labor requirements and, consequently, labor costs.

  • Operational Expenses: This includes costs related to raw materials, utilities (electricity, water), maintenance and repairs, and other operational expenses. The specific requirements of the production line and the local market conditions can affect these costs.

  • Additional Costs: Other factors that can contribute to the overall cost include permits and licenses, training of personnel, and ongoing quality control measures.

To get an accurate cost estimate for a cow manure fertilizer production line, it’s recommended to consult with equipment suppliers or manufacturers who can provide detailed quotations based on your specific needs and requirements.  Tongda Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, We can assess the scale of the production, the desired capacity, and other factors to provide a more precise cost estimate for your project.


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