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Horizontal Mixer


A horizontal mixer is a type of blending machine used in various industries, including agriculture and food processing. It features a horizontal mixing chamber where ingredients are combined and mixed thoroughly. This design allows for efficient and uniform blending of materials, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring homogeneous mixing.

Working Principle of Horizontal Mixer

The working principle of a horizontal mixer revolves around the horizontal mixing chamber. The mixer typically consists of a rotating shaft with mixing paddles or blades attached. When the mixer is in operation, the rotating shaft moves the paddles or blades, causing the materials to move in a horizontal direction.

As the materials are loaded into the mixer, the rotating paddles or blades lift and tumble them, creating a rolling and cascading motion. This action promotes the intermingling and mixing of the materials, ensuring a homogeneous blend.

The combination of the horizontal movement and the interaction between the materials and the mixing elements results in thorough blending. The mixing time can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the materials being mixed.

Structure of Horizontal Mixer Machine


  1. Mixing Chamber: The main component of the mixer, where the blending takes place.
  2. Mixing Shaft: A horizontal rotating shaft running through the mixing chamber.
  3. Mixing Blades or Paddles: Attached to the mixing shaft, they agitate and mix the materials.
  4. Drive System: Powers the rotation of the mixing shaft and blades/paddles.
  5. Loading and Discharging System: Openings or ports for material loading and discharge.
  6. Support Structure: Provides stability and support for the mixer.
  7. Safety Features: Includes measures to ensure operator safety.

Features of Horizontal Mixer

  1. Efficient mixing
  2. Versatility with different materials
  3. Uniform blending
  4. Adjustable mixing time
  5. Easy loading and discharging
  6. Durable construction
  7. Safety features

Horizontal Mixer Parameters

Motor Power(kw)7.51122
Speed Reducer ModelZQ350-23.34ZQ350-23.34ZQ500-48.57
Stirring Speed(r/min)463921
Main Plate Thickness(mm)4410

Horizontal Mixer Price

The price of a Horizontal Mixer can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, model, capacity, features, and the supplier or manufacturer. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller, entry-level models to tens of thousands of dollars for larger, industrial-grade machines with advanced features and higher capacities.

It’s essential to consider not only the price but also factors such as quality, durability, warranty, and after-sales support when making a purchasing decision. To get accurate pricing information for a specific Horizontal Mixer, Please contact us directly. We can provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant pricing details based on your specific requirements and specifications.

Horizontal Mixer Working Video

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