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Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer


The Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer is a specialized mixing equipment used in various industries, including agriculture and feed production. It features two horizontal shafts with paddles that rotate in opposite directions, ensuring efficient and uniform blending of materials. This mixer is designed for high-capacity mixing, offering reliable performance and consistent product quality.

Working Principle of Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer

  1. Mixing Chamber: The mixer features a mixing chamber where the blending process takes place. It is a horizontal container or trough-like structure.
  2. Double Shafts: Inside the mixing chamber, there are two parallel horizontal shafts that extend the length of the chamber. These shafts are positioned in a side-by-side configuration.
  3. Paddles or Blades: Each shaft is equipped with multiple paddles or blades that are evenly spaced along its length. The paddles or blades are designed to agitate and mix the materials during rotation.
  4. Drive System: The mixer incorporates a drive system, such as an electric motor or hydraulic system, which powers the rotation of the double shafts. This enables the movement of the paddles or blades.
  5. Support Structure: The mixer is supported by a sturdy frame or structure that provides stability and support during operation.
  6. Loading and Discharging System: The mixer has openings or ports for loading the materials into the mixing chamber. It also includes an outlet or discharge chute for the removal of the blended mixture once the mixing process is complete.

Structure of Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer


The structure of Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer

  1. Mixing chamber
  2. Double horizontal shafts
  3. Paddles or blades attached to the shafts
  4. Drive system (e.g., electric motor, hydraulic system)
  5. Support structure
  6. Loading and discharging system (e.g., inlet, outlet, discharge chute)
  7. Safety features (e.g., emergency stop buttons, protective covers)
  8. Optional features (e.g., automated controls, variable speed options)

Features of Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer

  1. Efficient mixing
  2. Uniform distribution of ingredients
  3. High capacity
  4. Versatility in handling various materials
  5. Durability
  6. Easy maintenance

Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer Parameters

ModelPower (kw)Outer Diameter of Mixing Shaft (mm)Reducer typeMixing Speed (r/min)Dimensions (mm)


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