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BB Fertilizer Mixer


The BB Fertilizer Mixer is an advanced agricultural equipment designed for blending granular fertilizers. It enables precise mixing of various nutrients, facilitating customized fertilizer formulations to optimize crop growth and yield.

Working Principle of Mixer

The BB Fertilizer Mixer operates on a simple yet effective principle. It combines granular fertilizers and additives using a rotating drum or agitator. As the materials are loaded into the mixer, they undergo a tumbling motion, ensuring thorough blending. The rotating action helps achieve uniform distribution of nutrients and additives throughout the mixture. The mixer may also incorporate features like weighing systems and automated controls to ensure accurate proportions and consistent quality. This working principle enables farmers to create customized fertilizer blends tailored to their specific soil and crop requirements.

Structure of Mixer


The structure of a BB Fertilizer Mixer includes:

  1. Mixing drum
  2. Mixing blades or agitators
  3. Loading and discharging system
  4. Drive system
  5. Control panel
  6. Support structure
  7. Safety features
  8. Optional features like weighing systems and automated controls.

Features of BB Fertilizer Mixer

  1. Efficient mixing
  2. Customizable blending
  3. Precision weighing systems (in some models)
  4. Automated controls
  5. Durable construction
  6. Safety features

BB Fertilizer Mixer Parameters

ModelOutput Capacity(L)Feed Capacity(L)Rotating Speed Of Mixer(r/min)Productivity



Supporting Power(kw)Mixing And Lifting Motor (kw)

BB Fertilizer Mixer Working Video

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