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Vertical Crusher


A vertical fertilizer crusher is a machine designed to crush and shred organic materials or fertilizers in a vertical manner. It is used in the production of organic fertilizers to facilitate the decomposition and recycling of organic waste materials. The crusher helps to convert organic waste into valuable fertilizer products.

Working Principle of Vertical Crusher

  1. Organic materials or fertilizers are fed into the crusher from the top.
  2. High-speed rotating blades or hammers impact and crush the materials.
  3. The crushing and shearing actions of the blades or hammers effectively pulverize the materials into smaller particles.
  4. The smaller particles are then discharged through an outlet at the bottom of the crusher.
  5. The crushed materials are ready for further processing or conversion into organic fertilizer.

Structure of Vertical Crusher

  1. Main Body: Provides structural support and houses the crusher components.
  2. Feeding Hopper: Stores the materials before they enter the crusher.
  3. Crushing Chamber: Where the materials come into contact with rotating blades or hammers for crushing.
  4. Rotating Blades or Hammers: Crush the materials into smaller particles.
  5. Screen or Grate: Controls the particle size by allowing smaller particles to pass through.
  6. Discharge Outlet: Allows the crushed materials to be released for further processing or use.
  7. Motor or Power Source: Provides the necessary power for the crusher’s operation.

Features of Vertical Crusher

  1. Efficient crushing of organic materials or fertilizers.
  2. Adjustable particle size control.
  3. High-speed operation for effective crushing.
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  5. Easy maintenance and parts replacement.

Vertical Crusher Parameters

ModelPower(kw)Production Capacity(t/h)Feed Grain Size(mm)Output Particle Size(mm)

Vertical Crusher Working Video


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