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Urea Crusher


A urea crusher is a machine specifically designed to crush and pulverize urea granules into smaller particles. It is commonly used in the fertilizer industry to facilitate the dissolution and dispersion of urea in soil or as a raw material for further processing. The crusher helps to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of urea application in agricultural practices.

Working Principle of Urea Crusher

  1. Urea granules are fed into the crusher.
  2. High-speed rotating blades or hammers impact and crush the urea granules.
  3. The crushing and shearing actions of the blades or hammers effectively pulverize the urea into smaller particles.
  4. The crushed urea is discharged through an outlet or screen, ready for dissolution, dispersion in soil, or further processing.


This straightforward working principle allows the urea crusher to efficiently crush and pulverize urea granules for various agricultural applications.

Structure of Urea Crusher

  1. Frame: Provides the structural support for the crusher.
  2. Hopper: Stores the urea granules before they are fed into the crusher.
  3. Crushing Chamber: Encloses the area where the urea granules come into contact with the rotating blades or hammers.
  4. Rotating Blades or Hammers: Crush and pulverize the urea granules into smaller particles.
  5. Screen or Perforated Plate: Controls the particle size by allowing smaller particles to pass through.
  6. Discharge Outlet: Allows the crushed urea particles to be discharged for further processing or use.
  7. Motor or Power Source: Provides the necessary power for the crushing operation.
  8. Safety Features: Ensure operator safety during operation, such as safety guards or interlocks.

Features of Urea Crusher

  1. Efficient crushing of urea granules.
  2. Adjustable particle size control.
  3. Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  4. Easy maintenance and parts replacement.
  5. Safety measures for operator protection.
  6. High crushing efficiency for optimal dissolution or processing.
  7. Compact design for space-saving installations.
  8. Energy-efficient operation.

Urea Crusher Parameters

ModelCentral Distance(mm)Capacity(t/h)Inlet Granularity(mm)Discharging Granularity(mm)Motor Power(kw)


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