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Chain Crusher


A chain crusher is a type of fertilizer crushing machine that utilizes high-speed rotating chains to pulverize solid materials. It is commonly used in the fertilizer production process to break down large lumps or agglomerates into smaller particles, facilitating the mixing and blending of ingredients in fertilizer production.

Working Principle of Chain Crusher

  1. Material Feeding: Solid materials to be crushed are fed into the chain crusher through a designated inlet.

  2. Rotating Chains: High-speed rotating chains with hammers or blades are driven by a motor or power source.

  3. Impact and Crushing: As the chains rotate, the hammers or blades strike the materials, breaking them into smaller particles through impact and crushing forces.

  4. Continuous Operation: The chains and hammers continue to rotate, ensuring a continuous and consistent crushing action.

  5. Particle Size Control: The size of the crushed particles is controlled by the design of the hammers or blades and the speed of the chains. Adjustments can be made to achieve the desired particle size.

  6. Discharge: The crushed particles are discharged through an outlet or screen, separating them from larger materials that have not been fully crushed.

Structure of Chain Crusher

  1. Frame: Provides the structural support for the entire machine.

  2. Inlet and Outlet: The inlet allows the introduction of materials to be crushed, while the outlet facilitates the discharge of crushed particles.

  3. Rotating Chains: High-strength chains are installed within the machine and driven by a motor or power source. These chains are responsible for the crushing action.

  4. Hammers or Blades: Attached to the rotating chains, hammers or blades deliver the impact and crushing force to the materials, breaking them down into smaller particles.

  5. Crushing Chamber: Encloses the area where the materials come into contact with the chains and hammers. It provides the space for effective crushing and allows for particle size control.

  6. Motor or Power Source: Provides the necessary power to drive the rotating chains and facilitate the crushing process.

  7. Safety Features: Depending on the design, chain crushers may include safety features such as safety guards or interlocks to ensure operator safety during operation.

  8. Supporting Components: These can include bearings, shafts, belts, and pulleys that help support the smooth operation of the machine.

Features of Chain Crusher

  1. Robust construction for durability.
  2. High crushing efficiency for effective material reduction.
  3. Adjustable particle size control.
  4. Versatility in handling various solid materials.
  5. Easy maintenance and parts replacement.
  6. Safety measures for operator protection.

Chain Crusher Parameters

ModelPower(kw)Production Capacity(t/h)Feed Grain Size(mm)Output Particle Size(mm)


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