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Dynamic Automatic Batching System


Working Principle of Dynamic Batching System

  1. Material selection and desired proportions are set.
  2. Continuous monitoring of material flow rates.
  3. Real-time data analysis to compare actual flow rates with desired proportions.
  4. Proportional control adjusts material flow rates using actuators or valves.
  5. Feedback loop ensures ongoing monitoring and adjustments.
  6. Automatic dispensing of materials into mixing or packaging process.
  7. Precise proportioning maintains consistent quality and minimizes waste.
  8. Flexibility to handle various material combinations and proportions.
  9. Operator control and monitoring through a user interface.
  10. Integration with other equipment and processes in the production line.

Structure of Dynamic Batching System

  1. Material Storage
  2. Material Handling System
  3. Weighing System
  4. Control System
  5. Actuators or Valves
  6. Sensors
  7. Hopper or Mixing Chamber
  8. Control Interface
  9. Feedback System
  10. Integration with Other Systems

Features of Dynamic Batching System

  1. Real-time proportioning
  2. Continuous monitoring
  3. Flexible batching
  4. Automation and control
  5. Integration capability
  6. Data logging and reporting

Dynamic Batching System Parameters

Model TDDP-3 TDDP-4 TDDP-5
Power 1.1KW*3 1.1KW*4 1.1KW*5
Silo size 1200*1200 1200*1200 1200*1200
Precision 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Electric control system PLC PLC PLC


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