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High-Output Cow Dung Production Line for Organic Fertilizer in Spain

  • Country: Spain
  • Date: November 2022
  • Product Output: 8,000 tons/year
  • Project Cycle: 2 months

Customer’s Initial Inquiry Content

Our customer, a large-scale cattle farm in Spain, contacted us with the following initial requirements:

  1. They sought an efficient solution for managing and utilizing the substantial amount of cow dung generated on their farm.
  2. The customer aimed to convert the cow dung into high-quality organic fertilizer to improve soil fertility and promote sustainable agriculture.
  3. They required a complete production line capable of handling their farm’s production capacity and producing a consistent supply of fertilizer.

Cow Dung Production Line Solutions

In response to the customer’s needs, we proposed the following comprehensive solutions:

  1. Designing a tailor-made cow dung production line that precisely meets their specific requirements and production goals.
  2. Implementing advanced technologies to optimize the nutrient content and overall quality of the organic fertilizer produced.
  3. Offering a range of equipment options, including fertilizer production lines, mixers, granulators, pulverizers, and drying equipment, to ensure a complete and efficient production process.

Cow Dung Production Line Process Design

Our team of experts devised a detailed process design that encompassed the following key stages:

  • Raw Material Reception: Facilities were set up to collect and handle cow dung from the farm.
  • Solid-Liquid Separation: Cow dung was separated to remove excess moisture for easier processing.
  • Composting and Fermentation: The solid fraction was broken down, eliminating pathogens and improving nutrient availability.
  • Crushing and Mixing: Fermented cow dung was crushed and mixed with other ingredients for balanced nutrients.
  • Granulation: Materials were transformed into uniform granules for easier application and storage.
  • Drying and Cooling: Granules were dried and cooled to reduce moisture and improve stability.
  • Screening and Packaging: Granules were sorted and packaged for convenient distribution and use.

Cow Dung Production Line Equipment Configuration

To meet the customer’s specific requirements, the cow dung production line was equipped with the following machinery:

  • Raw Material Reception: Conveyor belt, solid-liquid separator.
  • Composting and Fermentation: Compost turner, fermentation tanks.
  • Crushing and Mixing: Crusher, mixer.
  • Granulation: Fertilizer granulator, polishing machine.
  • Drying and Cooling: Dryer, cooler.
  • Screening and Packaging: Vibrating screen, automatic packaging machine.

Delivery and Installation

Upon completion of the production line, our experienced technicians ensured its successful delivery, installation, and commissioning on the customer’s premises. We provided comprehensive training to the customer’s staff, enabling them to operate and maintain the equipment effectively. Additionally, our dedicated support team remained available to provide any necessary assistance or technical support during the initial stages of production.


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