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Wheel Type Compost Turner


A Wheel Type Compost Turner is a machine designed for the turning and mixing of compost materials. It features a set of wheels that enable it to move along the compost windrow or pile. This type of compost turner is ideal for small to medium-scale composting operations, offering convenience and efficiency in the composting process.

Working Principle of Wheel Type Compost Turner

  1. The machine is driven along the compost windrow or pile.
  2. Rotating blades or paddles on the turning drum lift and tumble the compost materials.
  3. This turning action helps to aerate the compost and promote decomposition.
  4. The continuous movement of the compost turner ensures thorough mixing of the organic matter.
  5. The wheels provide mobility, allowing the compost turner to cover the entire composting area effectively.
  6. The turning process helps distribute heat evenly and supports microbial activity.
  7. The result is a well-mixed, aerated compost with improved decomposition and nutrient release.

Structure of Wheel Type Compost Turner

  1. Chassis: Provides the framework and support for the machine.
  2. Turning Drum: Contains rotating blades or paddles that lift and tumble the compost materials.
  3. Wheels: Provide mobility and allow the compost turner to move along the windrow or pile.
  4. Power System: Typically powered by an engine or motor to drive the machine.
  5. Control Panel: Allows for easy operation and adjustment of the turning speed and depth.
  6. Hydraulic System (optional): Enables the control of drum lifting and lowering for better maneuverability.

Features of Wheel Type Compost Turner

  • Mobility for easy movement along the compost windrow or pile
  • User-friendly operation with simple controls
  • Effective turning action for thorough mixing and aeration
  • Adjustable turning drum depth and width
  • High efficiency for faster decomposition and composting
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Versatility in handling various organic materials

Wheel Type Compost Turner Parameters

ModelMain Motor Power(kw)Moving Motor Power(kw)Trolley Motor Power(kw)Turning Width(mm)Turning Depth(mm)


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