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Moving Type Compost Turner


A Moving Type Compost Turner is a machine used for large-scale composting operations. It is designed to move along the compost windrow, turning and mixing the organic waste materials for proper decomposition. With its mobility and efficient turning capability, it enables faster composting and ensures uniform compost quality.

Working Principle of Moving Type Compost Turner

  1. The machine moves along the compost windrow or pile.
  2. It uses rotating blades or paddles to lift and turn the compost material.
  3. This action aerates the pile and promotes even decomposition.
  4. The process is repeated as the machine progresses through the pile, ensuring thorough mixing and faster composting.

Structure of Moving Type Compost Turner

  1. Chassis: It forms the base of the machine and provides stability and support during operation.

  2. Engine or Power Source: It provides the necessary power to drive the machine and move it along the compost pile.

  3. Moving Mechanism: This includes wheels or tracks that allow the compost turner to move forward and backward along the pile.

  4. Turning System: It comprises rotating blades or paddles that are attached to a shaft. These blades lift and turn the compost material as the machine moves, ensuring thorough mixing.

  5. Control Panel: It allows the operator to control the movement and speed of the machine.

  6. Operator’s Cabin: In some models, there may be a cabin or platform where the operator can stand or sit while operating the compost turner.

Features of Moving Type Compost Turner

  1. Mobility for easy movement along the compost windrow or pile.
  2. Effective turning action with rotating blades or paddles.
  3. Adjustable speed and depth for flexibility.
  4. Sturdy construction for durability in composting environments.
  5. User-friendly controls for easy operation.
  6. High efficiency with continuous turning for faster decomposition.

Moving Type Compost Turner Parameters

ModelMotor Power(kw)Width*HeightWorking Speed(m/min)Motor Rotation Speed(r/min)Rotary Knife Speed(r/min)Rotary Knife Diameter


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