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Groove Type Compost Turner


The Groove Type Compost Turner is a machine designed for large-scale composting operations. It consists of a rotating drum or groove structure, which lifts and turns the compost material, promoting efficient decomposition. It is suitable for handling various organic waste materials and offers high productivity and uniform composting.

Working Principle of Groove Type Compost Turner

  1. Loading: Organic waste materials, such as agricultural waste or animal manure, are loaded into the grooves or drums of the compost turner.

  2. Turning and Mixing: The machine’s rotating drums or grooves lift and turn the compost material. As the material moves, it gets mixed, aerated, and blended thoroughly.

  3. Aeration: The turning action of the compost turner promotes the flow of air within the compost pile, providing oxygen to the microorganisms responsible for decomposition. This enhances the aerobic decomposition process.

  4. Heat Generation: As the organic waste decomposes, heat is generated. The turning action of the compost turner helps distribute this heat evenly throughout the compost pile.

  5. Decomposition: The combination of oxygen, moisture, and heat accelerates the decomposition of the organic waste, breaking it down into nutrient-rich compost.

  6. Curing and Maturing: Once the composting process is complete, the compost is typically left to cure and mature for further stabilization and enhancement of its nutrient content.

Structure of Groove Type Compost Turner

  1. Frame: Provides support and stability to the machine.
  2. Groove or Drum: Main structure where the compost material is loaded and processed.
  3. Turning Mechanism: Rotates the grooves or drums for mixing and aeration.
  4. Lifting Blades or Paddles: Lift and turn the compost material for thorough mixing.
  5. Conveyor System: Optional feature for transporting compost along the grooves.
  6. Control Panel: Allows monitoring and control of operational parameters.
  7. Support Wheels or Tracks: Facilitate mobility and movement of the compost turner.

Features of Groove Type Compost Turner

  1. Efficient composting of organic waste materials.
  2. Thorough mixing for uniform decomposition.
  3. Adequate aeration for optimal microbial activity.
  4. Adjustable turning speed for customized composting.
  5. Easy operation and maneuverability.
  6. Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  7. Versatility in handling various organic waste materials.

Groove Type Compost Turner Parameters

ModelMotor Power(kw)Working Speed(m/h)Unload Speed(m/h)Turning Width(mm)Max Turning Height(mm)


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