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Forklift Type Compost Turner


A Forklift Type Compost Turner is a specialized machine used for composting operations. It is designed in the form of a forklift, equipped with turning and mixing tools. This type of compost turner is capable of lifting and turning the compost pile, ensuring proper aeration and mixing for efficient decomposition and composting.

Working Principle of Forklift Type Compost Turner

  1. Lifting: The machine uses its forklift mechanism to lift a portion of the compost pile.

  2. Turning and Mixing: Once lifted, the turner uses its rotating blades or agitators to flip and mix the compost material. This process ensures proper aeration and blending of the organic matter.

  3. Lowering: After turning and mixing, the forklift lowers the compost back onto the pile.

  4. Repeat: The process is repeated, with the forklift moving to another area of the compost pile to lift, turn, and mix additional portions.

  5. Continuous Operation: The forklift type compost turner can move along the pile, repeating the lifting, turning, and mixing process to ensure all parts of the compost are treated.

Structure of Forklift Type Compost Turner

  1. Forklift Chassis: The base of the machine that provides stability and support during operation.

  2. Forklift Arms: Extendable arms attached to the front of the machine, used for lifting and manipulating the compost pile.

  3. Lifting Mechanism: Hydraulic or mechanical systems that power the lifting and lowering of the forklift arms.

  4. Turning and Mixing Tools: Located at the end of the forklift arms, these tools can be rotating blades, agitators, or paddles that effectively turn and mix the compost material.

  5. Operator’s Cabin: A compartment or platform where the operator controls and monitors the machine.

  6. Control Panel: Contains the necessary controls and indicators for operating the machine effectively.

  7. Power System: An engine or motor that provides power for the operation of the forklift and turning tools.

  8. Safety Features: Includes features such as emergency stop switches, protective guards, and warning systems to ensure safe operation.

Features of Forklift Type Compost Turner

  1. Versatile application for various composting materials.
  2. Efficient turning and mixing for proper aeration and blending.
  3. Adjustable forklift arms to accommodate different pile sizes.
  4. Easy maneuverability in tight spaces.
  5. Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  6. Operator-friendly design with comfortable controls.

Forklift Type Compost Turner Parameters

ModelTDCCFD-918(Manual operation)TDCCFD-920(Automatic operation)
Number of cylinders44
Max Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min)157/200~2200157/200~2200
Forklift Bucket Width(mm)13001300
Diesel Engine Model4DW81-37G24DW81-37G2
Cooling MethodClosed Forced Water CoolingClosed Forced Water Cooling


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