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Crawler Type Compost Turner


Crawler Type Compost Turner is a specialized machine used in composting operations. It features a crawler chassis that allows it to move smoothly across various terrains. With its rotating blades, it effectively turns and mixes organic material, promoting decomposition and the production of high-quality compost.

Working Principle of Crawler Type Compost Turner

  1. Crawler Movement: The machine is equipped with a crawler chassis that allows it to move along the compost pile.

  2. Blade Rotation: As the turner moves, the rotating blades on the machine’s underside come into contact with the organic material.

  3. Turning and Mixing: The blades scoop up and lift the material, flipping it over and mixing it thoroughly. This action ensures proper aeration and blending of the compost pile.

  4. Continuous Operation: The turner moves along the pile, repeating the turning and mixing process to ensure all portions of the compost are treated.

  5. Accelerated Decomposition: The turning and mixing actions promote the decomposition of organic matter by providing oxygen and facilitating microbial activity.

Structure of Crawler Type Compost Turner

  1. Crawler Chassis: The sturdy base that supports the machine and allows it to move smoothly across different terrains.

  2. Power System: An engine or motor that provides power for the operation of the turner.

  3. Driver’s Cabin: The enclosed area where the operator controls and monitors the machine.

  4. Rotating Blades: Located underneath the machine, these blades are responsible for turning and mixing the compost pile.

  5. Hydraulic System: Controls the movement of the turner, including the rotation of the blades and the crawler tracks.

  6. Control Panel: Contains the necessary controls and indicators for operating the machine effectively.

  7. Safety Features: Includes emergency stop switches, protective guards, and warning systems to ensure safe operation.

Features of Crawler Type Compost Turner

  1. Versatile application for various organic materials.
  2. Smooth movement on different terrains.
  3. Efficient turning and mixing of compost pile.
  4. Adjustable turning speed for different composting needs.
  5. User-friendly design for easy operation and maintenance.
  6. Enhanced safety features for operator protection.
  7. Energy-efficient operation.
  8. Faster composting cycles and improved compost quality.

Crawler Type Compost Turner Parameters

(Full Hydraulic)
Turning Width(mm)2400260030003000
Turning Height(mm)600-10001100-13001300-15001600-1800
Row Spacing(mm)800-1000800-1000800-1000100-1000
Max.Diameter of Material Particles(mm)250250250250
Working Knife Diameter(mm)400500500800
Working Speed(m/min)6-106-106-106-10


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