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Chain Plate Type Compost Turner


The Chain Plate Type Compost Turner is a specialized machine used for large-scale composting operations. It features a series of rotating chain plates that agitate and flip the compost material, promoting efficient decomposition. This turner is particularly effective in handling heavy and bulky organic waste, ensuring thorough mixing and aeration throughout the compost pile.

Working Principle of Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

  1. Power Source: The machine is powered by a motor or engine.
  2. Movement Along the Pile: The turner moves along the compost pile.
  3. Rotating Chain Plates: The machine has rotating chain plates.
  4. Scraping and Lifting: The chain plates scrape and lift the organic material.
  5. Flipping and Mixing: The lifted material is flipped over, ensuring thorough mixing.
  6. Introduction of Oxygen: The flipping action introduces oxygen into the compost pile.
  7. Accelerated Decomposition: The continuous turning and mixing accelerate decomposition.
  8. Enhanced Microbial Activity: Increased oxygen and mixing support microbial growth.
  9. Homogenous Compost: The turner creates a well-mixed and uniform compost product.

Structure of Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

  1. Chassis: The sturdy base or framework that supports the machine.

  2. Power Source: An engine or motor that provides power for operation.

  3. Chain Plate Assembly: Consists of a series of rotating chain plates connected by chains. These plates scrape and lift the compost material.

  4. Transmission System: Transfers power from the engine to the chain plate assembly, enabling rotation.

  5. Support Wheels: Wheels or tracks that assist in the movement of the turner along the compost pile.

  6. Control Panel: Allows operators to control the machine’s speed, direction, and other settings.

  7. Safety Features: Includes emergency stop switches, protective covers, and warning indicators for safe operation.

Features of Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

  1. Efficient turning and mixing of organic material.
  2. Versatile application for various types of organic waste.
  3. Adjustable turning speed to meet different composting needs.
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  5. Easy operation with user-friendly controls.
  6. Improved aeration for aerobic decomposition and odor reduction.
  7. High efficiency with faster composting cycles.

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner Parameters

ModelPower(kw)Moving Speed(m/min)Displacement Speed(m/min)Turning Height(m)


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