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Compost Turner


A compost turner is a specialized machine designed to mix and aerate compost piles or windrows. It helps accelerate the decomposition process by providing oxygen and creating an ideal environment for microorganisms to break down organic materials effectively. This results in faster and more efficient composting, producing high-quality compost for agricultural and gardening applications.

Types of Compost Turner Machine

Application of Compost Turner Equipment

  • Agriculture: Converting organic waste into compost for improving soil fertility and crop yields.
  • Landscaping and Gardening: Creating nutrient-rich compost for enriching garden soils and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management: Processing organic waste to reduce landfill usage and promote sustainable waste management practices.
  • Composting Facilities: Efficiently composting large volumes of organic waste for commercial use.
  • Soil Remediation: Using composting to remediate contaminated soils by promoting the degradation of pollutants and enhancing soil quality.

Compost Turner Machine Production Workshop

How to Choose Compost Turner Machine

  1. Determine your composting scale (small or large).
  2. Consider the type of organic waste you’ll compost.
  3. Assess the required throughput capacity.
  4. Evaluate mobility and site constraints.
  5. Decide on the power source (diesel, electric, PTO).
  6. Look for user-friendly operation and easy maintenance.
  7. Consider your budget.
  8. Read reviews or seek recommendations from experienced composters.

Compost Turner Machine Working Video

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