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High-Output Chicken Manure Production Line in Kenya – Boost Organic Fertilizer Production

  • Country: Kenya
  • Date: Completed in 2021
  • Product Output: 8,000 tons/year
  • Project Cycle: 2 months

Customer’s Initial Inquiry Content

Our customer, a prominent poultry farm in Kenya, approached us with the aim of finding a solution to efficiently process and utilize their chicken manure to produce high-quality organic fertilizer. They required a production line with a capacity of 8,000 tons per year.

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Our company provided a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer. We proposed a complete chicken manure production line, integrating key processes such as solid-liquid separation, composting, granulation, drying, and packaging. The objective was to convert chicken manure into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Process Design

The process design incorporated an efficient solid-liquid separation step to remove excess moisture from the chicken manure. Composting and fermentation were then employed to promote the breakdown of organic matter, eliminate pathogens, and enhance nutrient availability. The composted material was further processed through granulation to create uniform particles for optimal nutrient distribution. Finally, the granules underwent a drying process and were carefully packaged for easy distribution and use.

Equipment Configuration

Our company provided a comprehensive range of organic fertilizer equipment to support the production line, including fertilizer mixers, granulators, pulverizers, drying equipment, and a complete fertilizer production line. The equipment was carefully selected and configured to ensure efficient and high-quality fertilizer production.


Delivery and Installation

Our team managed the entire delivery and installation process, ensuring that all equipment was safely transported to the customer’s site in Kenya. Skilled technicians from our company were responsible for the professional installation and setup of the production line, providing comprehensive training and support to the customer’s staff to ensure a smooth transition into operation.


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