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Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine


An automatic bag palletizer machine is a cutting-edge equipment used in industrial settings to automate the palletizing process. It efficiently stacks bags or containers onto pallets, improving productivity, reducing labor costs, and ensuring precise and stable pallet configurations for streamlined logistics and distribution.

Working Principle of Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine

  1. Bag/Container Conveyance: Bags or containers are transported to the palletizing area via a conveyor system.

  2. Bag/Container Pickup: A robotic arm or mechanism picks up individual bags or containers from the conveyor.

  3. Pallet Configuration: The machine arranges the bags or containers in a predetermined pattern on a pallet, taking into account factors like layering, orientation, and positioning.

  4. Layer Formation: The machine builds layers of bags or containers on the pallet, ensuring stability and maximizing space utilization.

  5. Interlayer Placement (optional): For certain configurations, the machine may insert interlayers between bag layers to enhance stability and prevent shifting.

  6. Complete Palletization: The machine continues to stack bags or containers until the pallet is fully loaded according to the desired configuration.

  7. Pallet Transfer: Once the pallet is complete, it is transferred to the next stage, such as wrapping or transportation, either automatically or manually.

Structure of Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine

  1. Frame
  2. Bag/Container Conveyor System
  3. Robotic Arm or Mechanism
  4. Grippers or Clamps
  5. Pallet Dispenser
  6. Palletizing Platform
  7. Controls and Software
  8. Safety Features
  9. Conveyor for Loaded Pallets

Features of Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine

  1. High-Speed Operation: Capable of handling bags or containers at a fast pace, increasing productivity.

  2. Versatile Bag/Container Handling: Can accommodate various bag or container types, sizes, and weights.

  3. Programmable Patterns: Allows for customization of palletizing patterns, adapting to different stacking configurations.

  4. Robotic Arm or Mechanism: Utilizes advanced robotic technology for precise and efficient bag or container handling.

  5. Intelligent Control System: Integrated software for seamless operation, pattern programming, and diagnostics.

Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine Parameters

Model TDMD-500
Palletizing Speed 500
Mainframe Size (mm) 3200*2200*3000
Power (kw) 7
Voltage(v) 380
Palletizing Height (mm) 600-1600
Stacking Layer Number 1-10
Palletizing Station (bag) 4-8
Gas Supply Pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Weight (kg) 2000


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